Medical roundup


  • In the near future, fecal transplants and other microbiome transplants (eg, nasal) will be common, safe and inexpensive. It will no longer be gross when we stop focusing on the poop/snot and start focusing on the microbes: “Microbial Replacement Therapy” is benign and truthful. The time for the FDA to get out of the way of this important evolution in medical practice was about twenty years ago when doctors first started talking about it.

    Americans should be free to eat each others’ poop! or something like that.

  • The malpractice study puts forth that the gross injustice of malpractice litigation is OK because its cost is small compared to total costs. The researchers probably put in the costs of nursing homes into their total costs.

    Consider a bleak lottery where one person is chosen at random each weak for execution. That program would be relatively inexpensive, and there would be no measurable change in mortality rates. Such a lottery would pass muster with the John Hopkins’ folks. Good Grief.