Law schools roundup

  • Long before the U.S. News rankings: “Enduring Hierarchies in American Legal Education” [Olufunmilayo Arewa, Andrew Morriss, William Henderson, Indiana Law Journal/SSRN]
  • So law schools tilt way left. What if anything can be done about it? [George Dent (Case Western), SSRN]
  • Judge tosses defamation suit filed by Thomas Cooley Law School against critics [Lansing State Journal, Caron/TaxProf]
  • And playing the race card to do it: “Law Profs Oppose Elimination of Tenure as an Accreditation Requirement” [Caron]
  • Law schools as pork barrel: gubernatorial candidate promises to launch a new one in defiance of economic logic [Elie Mystal at Above the Law; Bowie State U., Maryland]
  • Heather Mac Donald: Academic Advisory Council installed by Judge Scheindlin in NYPD case inspires little confidence [NY Post]
  • Judge Easterbrook: “The one-size-fits-all approach has been the bane of legal education” [Indiana Lawyer re: opening of new Indiana Tech law school]
  • Herculean flow-chart condensation of Paul Campos book Don’t Go to Law School (Unless) [Connecticut attorney Samuel Browning, Law School Tuition Bubble]

One Comment

  • Judge Easterbrook is right, but I wonder how different these new law schools (like those at UC Irvine or Indiana Tech) are from traditional ones. Do they impose brutal curves? Pointless Socratic “dialogues”? Charge high tuitions? If so, what’s the difference?