Free speech roundup


  • Re: Insulting Erdogan

    The Dutch fellow could get two years for that. And even if he could prove his assertions, it wouldn’t help much.
    Though archaic and un-C, I like this bit Volokh quoted from an opinion on one of our old cases regarding an editor offending the King of Spain, et al.
    ( “He has ransacked our language for terms of reproach and insult”) :

    “. . . we are de­termined to pursue the prevailing vice of the times with zeal and indignation, that crimes may no longer appear less odious for being fashionable, nor the more secure from punishment for being popular.”

  • Re: Insulting Erdogan

    I am sure that all the Dutch have nothing but nice things to say about the current POTUS;-)
    No chance of any charges there.

  • Re: Louisiana

    We’re all not this stupid, please believe me.