Constitutional law roundup


  • Regarding the cross–the thing’s been up there forever, and the courts are getting into the weeds about bushes etc. Ridiculous. The Supreme Court should have given the Fourth Circuit a summary reversal with a short opinion:

    The Fourth Circuit believed that the work of those who have long since passed away should be undone because some people deemed themselves offended. Federal courts should only order the drastic remedy of removal in very limited circumstances. No one at the time of the building of this monument thought it illegal–that’s enough to let it stand, in perpetuity. The Fourth Circuit is Reversed.”

    • … a plain, honest reading of the 1st Amendment says “Congress shall make no law…”.

      Did Congress make any law regarding the Bladensburg Cross ?? No !

      Thus the “Constitutional” issue is easily resolved.

      Of course, the US Constitution text long ago ceased being the definitive source of Federal law. Mystical penumbras divined by medieval-robed SCOTUS priests now dominate.
      SCOTUS has independently amended the Constitution hundreds of times.

  • Epstein’s article is great reading. Thx for posting.