July 31 roundup


  • Regarding the Michigan judge—good that she is gone, but why did it take so long. The abuse of witnesses and litigants is completely unacceptable in a free society. Certainly, her behavior was well-known around legal circles long before her removal. And it’s likely that, absent the egregious issues, her abusiveness would have been tolerated.

    The other problem–this judge coerced state employees to work on her re-election campaign and to do go-fer duties. This was illegal. Consequently, she is liable tor gross income taxes on the fair market value of those services. The Supreme Court’s order in the case should have required her to make good on her tax liability.

  • Re: Idahomeless
    Interesting angle from the notorious left coast.
    “The 9th Circuit Ninth Circuit determines that clearing homeless encampments is an unconstitutional form of punishment. . . . And cities like Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco have been decriminalizing many of the activities associated with the homeless, including drug selling and use, as well as public urination and disorderly conduct. ”
    In the absence of any money or property to confiscate, you can have all the individual rights you want. The po-po won’t bother you. I wonder if we could turn this into a movement.