Arresting bystanders for taking photographs of emergencies

A reminder that if police try to invoke HIPAA, the health privacy law, to keep you from photographing a medical or police incident in a public place, they are almost sure to be talking through their hat. That isn’t how HIPAA works [Tim Cushing, Techdirt, Dallas transit case; earlier on Denver case]


  • Police who arrest people for doing this–should be themselves arrested.

  • The only thing that bothered me about this case was that in the decision, it states that the photographer at times moved to within 10 feet of the police / medical people / victim.

    In my opinion, that’s too close. Move back. Give the people some space. You can get the same shot from 20 feet as ten.

    It’s not a law, but it is common courtesy and the decent thing to do.

  • @gitarcarver: You know what else is common courtesy, not prosecuting police for kidnapping after falsely arresting people for engaging in legal behavior. Common courtesy can bug off. You have no expectation of personal space in public according to those same prosecutors.