November 6 roundup

  • In the greater Oklahoma City area next Tuesday, Nov. 12? Come out to my lunchtime law school talk at the U. of O. on employment law, sponsored by the school’s Federalist Society chapter [details]
  • A Sixth Circuit opinion thus begins: “This court once observed, ‘[w]hen a party comes to us with nine grounds for reversing the district court, that usually means there are none.’ Steven Hank comes to us with twenty-seven.” [Hank v. Great Lakes Constr. Co., Court Listener]
  • Elizabeth Warren tale of “two cents” wealth tax Hallowe’en costume doesn’t quite add up [my Cato post; another point]
  • Speaking of Warren, when asked what would happen to displaced health insurance workers once private insurance is done away with — not, to be sure, the strongest objection to her plan, but still one worth having an answer for — saying they can go work for auto or life insurers makes about as much sense as saying displaced workers from dance studios can go work for recording or graphic design studios [The Hill]
  • No good deed: Brad Pitt, others on charitable foundation can be sued over alleged flaws in New Orleans homes [AP/WDSU]
  • “Coincidentally or not, current and former members of the Baltimore Orioles, which the Angelos family owns, were dispatched to the [Maryland] State House for a good will visit while the [Angelos asbestos] bill was under consideration.” [Josh Kurtz, Maryland Matters]


  • “[w]hen a party comes to us with nine grounds for reversing the district court, that usually means there are none.”

    As Anton Chekhov (also a physician) once observed – “When many cures are offered for a disease, it means the disease is not curable”

    • I love that observation. I had also heard the line about diseases and cures but had not thought to make the connection.

    • Obviously, none of you have dealt with state regulators. There are generally a slew of reasons why they are wrong.

  • “But the better analogy would be if they showed up demanding 2% of the value of the house and its furnishings, and added that they would be back with that same demand each year.”

    2018 tax rate is $21.21 per thousand dollars of assessed property value.

    Seems like someone already is coming around demanding about 2% of the value of the house every year.