December 14, 2003

Blocking access to Overlawyered?

Norton Internet Security is blocking your website as if it were a criminal site. It lists the reason as "weapons". Please contact them and fix this. Norton owes you, and its users, an apology.

-- Gary Friesen, no address given

We occasionally hear of Overlawyered being blocked, and once experienced this ourselves at a public AT&T web terminal -- items on sexual harassment are what we most often have suspected of causing trouble. We don't own a copy of Norton Internet Security and can't verify whether this is (still) happening to its users. Nor have we time or energy to approach the makers of the various blocking systems about this. But it's hard for us to believe they would consciously intend to restrict access to this site.

Posted by Walter Olson at December 14, 2003 10:42 AM