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Opinion Journal (WSJ)
("Our favorite sites ... first team")

The Weekly Standard

("The Scrapbook": "One of [our] favorite sites", Nov. 11, 2002)


Recommended link ("Peerless scrutiny of legal insanity")

Arts & Letters Daily

(Crikey.com.au, Australia: "The best 
lawyer bashing site in the world")

(recommended link)

Court TV
(Weekly Web pick, July 25, 2001, calling us 
"the hub of all things legally absurd on the Net")

U.S. News
(John Leo, Aug. 14, 2001: "reports brightly on the amazing excesses of the litigious society"; see also "Lawyers on Trial", Dec. 17, 2001)

Dave Barry: "the always fascinating Overlawyered.com" (Apr. 7, 2003)

New York Times

(cited, columnist John Tierney, July 27, 2001)

(Front-page link)


("Sites of the Month", Aug. 2002)

Neal Boortz, Neal's Nuze
(Neal Boortz, Feb. 27, 2002: "One of my frequent stops" on the Internet)

Jerry Pournelle
(JerryPournelle.com, "Computing at Chaos Manor", Nov. 8, 2001: "If you have any extra time, take a look at Overlawyered.com to see just what our legal system is capable of...")

Houston Chronicle

(Cay Dickson, "What's online" weekly web pick, Sept. 10, 2001: "written in nonlegal terms ...you'll be able to dive right in".

National Review Online
("Superb" -- columnist Dave Kopel, Mar. 27, 2002
Cool Site of the Day, multiple appearances)

More accolades and mentions, see

Apr. 28-29, 2003 (Le Monde, calling us "très documenté"

Feb. 27, 2002 (Times (London))

Feb. 15-17, 2002 (weblogs)

Nov. 21-22, 2001 (SmarterTimes.com, Bombay (India) Bar Association, NumberWatch (UK), etc.)

Sept. 19-20, 2001 (cited in Money mag., Atlanta Constitution, Insure.com)

Aug. 20, 2001 (LinkyDinky, FluffyBunny.com, RidersforJustice.com, Blackstump, etc.)

Brill's Content
("Best of the Web", per federal appeals judge Alex Kozinski: "serious research tools for anyone interested in trends and abuses within the civil litigation system")

Netscape Cool Sitings of the Day
(Netscape Cool Sitings of the Day: Sept. 7, 2000;
"Best of 'What's Cool'", Oct. 29-30, 2000)

Toronto Star
(columnist Jason Brooks, Sept. 25, 2000: 
"One of my favourite Web sites")

Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
columnist Vince Carroll, , July 6, 2002:
"the indispensable Overlawyered.com"

The Volokh Conspiracy ("excellent")

Australian Broadcasting Corp., "Media Watch", Jun. 10, 2002

CNN/fn (financial news), featured, June 16, 2000

Yahoo Internet Life, "Ask the Surf Guru", Aug. 24, 2000 
("odes to odious lawyering... chronicles how attorneys 
clog the drain of American life")

St. Petersburg Times (Fla.)
(Robyn Blumner, July 15, 2001: "documents the way predatory lawyers help people turn their personal failings into lawsuit fodder"
Susan Taylor Martin, Aug. 20, 2000: "brimming with examples... [of] the creeping kudzu of American jurisprudence")

New York Post
(Rod Dreher: "the must-bookmark www.overlawyered.com",
July 31, 2000)

News of the Weird
(cited among favorite sources: "Backstage", June 19, 2000)

The New Republic
(featured, "TRB from Washington", July 3, 2000)

Toronto Sun
(featured, Ralph Pohlman column, June 2, 2000)

Law.com DC (Legal Times of Washington)
(Legal Times of Washington,
"Web of the Week", April 10, 2000)

John Stossel's web resources -- ABC News
("John Stossel's Web Resources")

("amusingly depressing", Stuart Taylor, Jr., March 25, 2000;
"entertaining and often startling", Jonathan Rauch, Oct. 1, 1999)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
(Bob Schwabach, "On Computers", March 9, 2000;
also Arkansas Democrat-Gazette & other papers) 

Wall Street Journal

(one of "a new breed of Websites... cropping up to keep tabs on 
the army of lawyers and activists": editorial, Feb. 22, 2000)

Reason Online
(featured site, week of Jan. 31, 2000)

Reader's Digest
("Overlawyered.com, a popular Internet site": Jan. 2000)

Montreal Gazette
("Quick clicks", Sept. 18, 1999; and
Doug Camilli column, June 5, 2000)

(Directory system used by AOL, Netscape, Lycos, AltaVista, etc.;
resource for Legal News, Gun ControlHealth Care, etc.)

Washington Post
("The Ideas Industry", Sept. 14, 1999)

Sacramento Bee
(Sacramento Bee, "High-tech", Sept. 16, 1999)

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(Current Events -- Law (numerous subcategories), 
Civil Liberties, Libertarianism)

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