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Many of the links on Overlawyered.com originate because people like you call them to our attention.  So send us your leads by emailing at editor - @ - (our domain name).  Do not send file attachments -- for security reasons we are generally obliged to discard them unread. 

The ideal kind of backup for an item is one with a stable URL -- it's been posted someplace and it's not going to be torn down or moved to a new address any time soon.  (Newspapers' practices differ widely on this; some keep a story up for only one or a few days).  Be sure to include the exact URL (web address).  Unless you advise otherwise, we generally credit the first reader to call our attention to a story in our thank-you list of those who've sent material.  The volume of leads is now such that we can no longer reply to all. 

Be aware that we can almost never run coverage of particular cases unless they've previously been written up by professional news-gathering organizations, or in academic studies, official reports, professional journals, or the like. 

-- Walter Olson, editor 

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