Didn’t want “sibling relationship to completely disintegrate over this tragedy”

So Crystal Bear of Rice, Wash., who’d won $6 million from her sister in a crash lawsuit, settled for the $200,000 insurance policy limits instead. Co-defendant Ford Motor Company had also been targeted in the case, which arose from a Bronco rollover, but it got off with a defense verdict. (Matthew Heller, On Point News).

One Comment

  • New York juries hate suits against relatives, especially those claiming that negligence caused a trip and fall at a relative’s home home, and the juries routinely find for the defendant in those cases. In this case, though, the jury clearly saw what was happening – that plaintiff had to sue the her relative/host driver in order to join as a defendant the manufacturer, Ford Motor, on the seat belt claim. And in the end, of course, the jury found no liability on Ford’s part, instead probably properly assessing 100% fault against the driver.