• I read this story a couple of weeks ago and it appeared that it was a clothed breast. Your link asserts that indeed it was clothed. This is indeed an outrage. (not especially germane, but let’s not forget that Nevada is a state where one may pay men and women to have sexual intercourse.)

    The breast, as many remind us, is not a sex organ. In fact women have the right to expose their breasts to 13 year old boys in at least two different contexts (breast feeding and nude bathing where permitted).

    Apparently the prosecutor will not comment on this case.

    The judge was either a moral or legal weakling in claiming that he had no choice but to sentence her to life.

  • I was furious with the judge until I watched the video (Greenfield). The jury in this case failed to protect the woman from an incompetent prosecutor. We had a similar problem in Westchester County, New York with Jeanine Pirro. Thank goodness she was not re-elected.

    Nevada cost our government over $1 billion because its citizens can not understand Yucca mountain. Their water should be cut off!