“What good are cameras if Gloria Allred isn’t in front of them?”

The Los Angeles lawyer springs another surprise on a gubernatorial candidate in the run-up to an election, this time Meg Whitman, who allegedly didn’t fire a housekeeper fast enough as her illegal status emerged, or perhaps fired her too fast, it’s not entirely clear. [Jim Treacher] More: Legal Ethics Forum (“As always, some question if Allred’s publicity-seeking actions are in the best interests of the client,”), Coyote (“What Kind of Freaking Lawyer is This Lady?”).


  • Allred agreed to talk to Mark Levin yesterday on his radio program. The woman could not give a straight answer to any question. I came away with the impression that she has no interest in the client’s complaint.

    Also, I’m curious about a point that Levin made: Isn’t the exposure of the client to criminal charges as a result of this publicity some sort of an ethical violation?

  • Has anyone noticed that one of the weirder themes in the coverage of this is the oxymoronic concept of “law-abiding” illegal immigrants. This woman at the minimum entered the country illegally, forged ID papers (SSN) and is still considered by some supporters “Law-abiding”.

  • I also like the idea that this housekeeper was “exploited” @ $23/hour.

  • Her daughter, Lisa Bloom, seems to be following her in her mother’s footsteps, threatening the DC housewives with legal action if they refer to the Salahis as ‘party crashers.’

    As long as it gets her in the news…

  • Greta van Susteren took Allred to the woodshed in her interview:

    On the Record

  • Please note that the ICE-supplied methods for “clearing up the discrepancy” are moronic in the extreme.