Disabled rights roundup

  • ADA mills continue to extract money from California small businesses with no legislative relief in sight [Auburn Journal, Andrew Ross/S.F. Chronicle, KABC (James Farkus Cohan), WTSP (Squeeze Inn owner speaks out), CJAC (Lungren proposal) and more, Chamber (San Francisco coffee shop’s woes, auto-plays video)] Profile of attorney Thomas Frankovich [California Lawyer];
  • EEOC sues employer for turning away job applicant on methadone program [Jon Hyman]
  • “Maryland high court: allergy is disability requiring accommodation” [PoL]
  • “Suits could force L.A. to spend huge sums on sidewalk repair” [Los Angeles Times]
  • Under gun from Department of Justice and SCOTUS Olmstead ruling, Virginia and other states agree to massive overhaul of services for developmentally disabled; not all families, though, are happy with the insistence on relocating residents of large facilities to smaller “community” settings [Richmond Times-Dispatch, McDonnell press release, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, Staunton News-Leader]
  • “New Case from W.D. Tex. Shows Effect of ADAAA on Back Injury Claims” [Disability Law]
  • Lawyer leads effort to give disabled passengers wider rights to sue airlines [Toledo Free Press]


  • The allergy case just had to involve a ridiculous set of facts, didn’t it? Not, say, an employee with a latex allergy and an employer refusing to allow non-latex gloves to be substituted.

  • Chicago has been fighting the ADA curb ramp for years, now, tearing out perfectly good ramps that do not meet the letter of the ADA guidelines, and replacing them with new ones. The standards are so rigidly applied that invisible departures from the standards result in the new ramps being condemned and re-replaced. You have an army of inspectors with digital levels gimlet-eyeing this stuff.

    It runs the cost way above what it needs to be.