Education roundup


  • RE: it’s an ADA violation to ask suicidal students to leave: — What if, using the Virginia Tech incident as an example, as it is not unusual — the student intends to shoot a bunch of people before shooting him or her self? Does that fall in the “you’ve got to keep them” or the “it’s OK to tell them to go home” rule? Or, can you tell them to go home till they start shooting others, at which time it’s OK to come back ?

    Further, aren’t people who are suicidal more likely to receive monitoring and a more nurturing environment if they go home, rather than staying at the college or university that is driving them to suicide?

    And, if you let them stay and they kill themselves, isn’t the college potentially liable for “Failure to Deter the Suicide”?

    Sorry about that. We’ve already discussed that last question:

    Suit Proceeds Against Cornell Over Failure to Deter Student Suicide by Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal March 21, 2012
    “Judge Approves Lawsuit Against City, Cornell Over Suicide” by Walter Olson on March 22, 2012

    Repeating topics can drive some people to despair (so I guess the ADA prevents Walter from asking them to leave since this site does provide a lot of educational value)

  • One of the concerns of Title IX is that groups want to expand it beyond sports into academic degrees. So areas that are historically male (science, technology, engineering, and math) could be required to establish quotas to insure that the balance of male/females is even. It would create the same issues as sports of how to force females into degrees they don’t want or cutting the numbers of males in majors even enrollments.

  • i think forcefully conscripting women into degrees and sports they do not want to do is a good idea. Why should men be the only ones to make sacrifices for the sake of equality?