A case for broadcast deregulation

Per activist group Blue Oregon, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) should yank radio station KPOJ’s license because its owner dropped progressive talk shows and switched instead to a sports format. “Clear Channel must air programming that is responsive to the needs and problems of its local community. That’s us. We’re the community,” the group says. More: Willamette Week.


  • I concur.

    We should allow broadcasting auctions on a regular basis. He who pays the most gets the frequency. The airways are a valuable commodity basically given to current license holders at little or no monetary cost (but great regulatory cost).

  • “That’s us. We’re the community,” the group says. ”

    Inadvertent honesty is the most instructive.

  • I willing to bet the reason Clear Channel switched to sports was because no one was listening to “progressive” talk radio and thus no one was advertising on same said station. And the BOs can still listen to NPR, doesn’t get much more liberal than that.

    As for auctioning the frequency to the highest bidder, I can’t imagine what the airwaves would be like if George Soros bought all the red state stations. Didn’t “Chad” Gore try to put together a liberal radio network? How’d that work out?

    There use to be limits on the number and type of media outlets one group could own, but has been a couple of decades ago since that died off. Anyway it’s all moot now, with all the satellite and internet options even cable is starting to suffer.

  • If they, “the community”, want a liberal/progessive talk radio channel, then they can pool their money and buy one. Broadcast what they want to broadcast. That’s the American Way.

  • All your radio station are belong to us.