Tom Goldstein response to roof-jumper’s demand letter

“Tom Goldstein’s letter for rich client who threw porn star off roof for video” [@RandyEBarnett] is an “instant classic” [@adamliptak]. Goldstein is a prominent member of the Supreme Court bar and co-founder of SCOTUSBlog. [Josh Blackman] Concluding passage of letter:

If she sues, the complaint will be sanctionably frivolous. Your client should just box up almost every last bit of her property (please exclude all videos and photographs, as well as the seemingly inevitable small yappy dog) and drop it off with you in safe-keeping for Mr. Bilzerian. After he receives the judgment in his favor, he will have it all delivered to him. Then he will probably blow it up with a mortar in the desert.

I enjoyed our brief correspondence.


  • it’s all fun and laffs until someone gets thrown off the roof.

  • No jail time?

    You purposely toss someone off a roof, and there’s no arrest? Instead the credits come up “THE END” of the story?

    Free tickets to Barbra Streisand’s concert.

  • The writer is clearly a talented writer and a smart guy. His blog is unbelievably awesome and this is undeniably funny.

    That said, I’m so opposed to this kind of grandstanding. Being condescending feels great. But I don’t think anyone on the other side thinks, “He really beat me down and made me and my client feel dumb. I won’t bring a claim now.”

    There is also a mocking of the woman for being a porn star who is still able to engage in her chosen profession. That would not mean she is not injured. But it is hard to take the “Ha, she is a porn star” approach when you are representing someone I assume is in the same industry.

    Finally, how did this letter leak out? What exactly is the purpose of forwarding this letter along? Who wins?