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  • Doesn’t he have to possess a current law license to call himself a lawyer? More correctly, that line should be “I can say that because I used to be a lawyer,”

  • I do not think so Georg. He could be more descriptive by adding that he is a retired lawyer, inactive lawyer, or unlicensed lawyer, if in fact any of these things are true. However, once a lawyer, always a lawyer. I mean, so long as we are making up rules without citation to authority, this one just makes more sense to me, especially considering the number of lawyers who go on to lead companies, teach, or countries, as here. They do not give back the legal education and training just because they are not actively licensed to practice in a particular court room, which by the way, he could be again whenever he wanted by virtue of the fact that, well, he’s a lawyer, unless he were disbarred, in which case he couldn’t practice law, as he would be a disbarred ‘lawyer.’