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Restrained, tasteful lawyer advertising, cont’d

A lawyer’s commercials depict him spinning “like a human tornado, generating cash for his clients,” and proclaim “GOAL” in soccer style as he gets checks. “As long as my ads are not false or misleading, I can say what I want to say,” says Glen Lerner, who’s currently in a dispute with the State Bar of Nevada about the wording of one of his slogans, “The Heavy Hitter”. “I’m selling a product. Me … I’m like the Ty-D-Bol man.” (Glenn Puit, “‘Heavy Hitter’ will sue”, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Mar. 2)(via Lattman).

Tasteful lawyer-ad Hall of Fame

In 2001 Brookman, a law firm in London, ran ads in the men’s bathrooms of pubs soliciting divorce business with a picture of a packed suitcase and the slogan “Ditch the bitch”. The Advertising Standards Agency later ruled against a complaint that the ad was offensive and encouraged divorce. Defenders of the law firm pointed out that it was evenhanded and also solicited women’s business with ads saying bad things about men. (“Dump the chump…”, Lawyers Weekly Australia, Aug. 19, 2004; account of controversy at ad agency site; Scott Norvell, “Tongue Tied”,, May 21, 2001).

Tasteful moments in lawyer advertising

The Hartford, Ct. law firm of Haymond, Napoli & Diamond runs an ad that particularly annoys the state’s chief justice, William J. Sullivan. According to the Connecticut Law Tribune, the ad “show[s] bags of money being dropped off by an armored truck, in a presumed showing of the attorney’s courtroom prowess.” (Keith Griffin, “Conn. Justice Attacks ‘Aggressive’ Lawyer Ads”, Connecticut Law Tribune, Jun. 15). Meanwhile, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert today continues his vehement attack on those who suggest the medical liability system might be in need of some reining in, charging: “This is all about greed.” (“Malpractice Myths”, Jun. 21).