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    Retroactive Legislation jacket
    Retroactive Legislation

    By Daniel E. Troy

    Brief, much-needed treatise Buy at Amazonon the many moral and practical evils of changing the law to tag actions with liability even though they were considered lawful at the time they were taken. (related article)

    Simple Rules jacket
    Simple Rules for a Complex World

    By Richard A. Epstein

    Epstein is an indispensable Buy at Amazonexplicator of topics from freedom of contract to product liability to the philosophy of law, and this volume makes as good an introduction to his thinking as any.

    Making Monsters jacket
    Making Monsters : False Memories, Psychotherapy, and Sexual Hysteria

    By Richard Ofshe and Ethan Watters

    Electrifying account of how Buy at Amazonlives can be wrecked and innocents jailed when a legal system forgets its age-old horror of false accusation.

    You Can't Say That
    You Can't Say That!: The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Antidiscrimination Laws

    By David Bernstein

    The more the antidiscrimination laws expand,  Buy at Amazonthe more you have to worry that your speech or your opinions will result in legal liability.

    Phantom Risk jacket
    Phantom Risk: Scientific Inference and the Law

    Edited by Kenneth Foster, David Bernstein and Peter W. Huber

    Case histories of more than Buy at Amazona dozen controversies over claims of low-dose environmental risk, including the ways the legal system frequently got things wrong: dioxin, nuclear fallout, asbestos, "chemical AIDS", TCE, computer terminal emissions, EMF and more.

    Moral Judgment jacket
    Moral Judgment : Does the Abuse Excuse Threaten Our Legal System?

    By James Q. Wilson

    One of America's premier Buy at Amazonsocial scientists takes a careful look at the medicalization of bad behavior in civil and criminal courts.  (review)

    Judging Science jacket
    Judging Science: Scientific Knowledge and the Federal Courts

    By Peter Huber and Kenneth Foster

    Thorough, detailed account of Buy at Amazonthe controversy over standards for scientific testimony in the courts, including the Bendectin controversy that led to the Supreme Court's landmark Daubert decision.

    A Nation Under Lawyers jacket
    A Nation Under Lawyers : How the Crisis in the Legal Profession Is Transforming American Society

    By Mary Ann Glendon

    A prominent social conservative Buy at Amazonfinds much that should trouble us in the legal profession's casting aside of old ethical ideals and constraints.

    ...When You Don't Want to Call the Cops jacket What to Do When You Don't Want to Call the Cops : A Non-Adversarial Approach to Sexual Harassment

    By Joan Kennedy Taylor

    For policymakers and working women alike: how to get him to cut it out Buy at Amazonwithout ending his career or turning it into a money case.

    250 Ways jacket 250 Ways To Make America Better

    By Carolyn Mackler (compiler) and the editors of George

    #9 of the 250 is Martina Buy at AmazonNavratilova on why "the loser of a lawsuit should pay the legal fees", an idea also endorsed by musician Ice T (#41).  Overlawyered.com's editor contributes entry #98: "Abolish the Peremptory Challenge".

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