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Dallas police chief sues over firing

Last summer Dallas city manager Ted Benavides fired police chief Terrell Bolton after four years on the job. Among the reasons, according to the Dallas Morning News: "deteriorating relations with the FBI, the fake-drugs scandal, the demotion of several commanders and an unwillingness to follow Mr. Benavides' directives." Dallas also had maintained for six years straight the worst crime rate for large cities in the United States ("Bolton Meets With Attorneys, FBI To Quell Dallas Crime", NBC5i, Aug. 7, 2003). "I took my firing like a man," Bolton said at the time. If that's true, the manly way to handle being fired is to break down in tears at a subsequent press conference (Dallas Observer, Sept. 25) and then sue the city for mental anguish the equivalent of "in excess of $5 million" (Terri Langford and Dave Levinthal, "Bolton says he will sue", Dallas Morning News, Feb. 14) (reg). -- Ben Schuler, Dallas