December 06, 2003

Are we even a lawyer?

Objectively, your column [] ranks about as high as an ant can jump. Every source that you use is stunningly anti-lawyer. Additionally, the 38 million in punitive damages that you cited will most certainly be reduced either in a motion for new trial, or on appeal. Nominal damages will not constitutionally support a punitive award that large.

Please tell people the whole truth. Be objective. Tell both sides. This is just getting ridiculous - journalists and columnists on both ends shading facts and using common misconceptions to bolster their arguments.

Are you even a lawyer? -- Adam Allen,

You're so right -- how dare nonlawyers comment on the legal system? Or presume to rely on such "stunningly antilawyer" sources as the AP, L.A. Times and San Francisco Chronicle? We couldn't have made our point better ourselves-- ed.

Posted by Walter Olson at December 6, 2003 10:03 AM