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March 23 roundup

  • Tips for those facing vexatious-litigant proceedings [Lowering the Bar; U.K.]
  • Credit card arbitration: “Plaintiffs’ lawyers protect their cartel by bringing antitrust suit” [Ted Frank, PoL]
  • Just what European business needs: gender quotas for corporate boards [Bader, CEI]
  • “Food sovereignty” movement: next, rediscovering freedom of contract? [Alex Beam, Ira Stoll]
  • Much-assailed group for state legislators: “ALEC Enjoys A New Wave of Influence and Criticism” [Alan Greenblatt, Governing]
  • Symposium on David Bernstein’s Rehabilitating Lochner [Law and Liberty, earlier here and here]
  • Because rent control is all about fairness [Damon Root]

Constitutional law roundup

Cato-intensive edition:

Chuck badgers a witness

Will Baude at Crescat Sententia catches Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.) being inimitably Schumish in his questioning of appeals court nominee Janice Brown, who is being accused of embracing the touch-it-and-politically-die Lochner decision (Oct. 31). For more on Brown’s nomination, see Oct. 29, last item.