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Rep. Patrick Kennedy, "Hardball" (CNBC), Oct. 10, 2000 (excerpt):

...[CHRIS] MATTHEWS: Isn't a danger we'll be run by the trial lawyers if your side wins? 

Rep. KENNEDY: Trial lawyers? 

MATTHEWS: The ones that... 

Rep. KENNEDY: Are you kidding me? 

MATTHEWS: ...don't want tort reform. 

Rep. KENNEDY: This is our civil justice system, Chris.  I don't know about you but I'm glad I live in America. 


Rep. KENNEDY: I mean, do you want to go someplace else and live under a different civil justice system? 

MATTHEWS: Do you -- you -- you identify with the -- with the ambulance chasers that are in every newspaper in the country? 

Rep. KENNEDY: Ambulance chasers.  That's the biggest -- you know what? 

MATTHEWS: You like those guys. 

Rep. KENNEDY: The fact of the matter is -- What?  You like Bridgestone/Firestone?  That's what I understand. 

MATTHEWS: No, no.  I'm a little skeptical of the motives of so -- of... 

Rep. KENNEDY: Are you skeptical of the fact that they take -- what i -- what is that -- what are they going to impact?  You -- you're saying a few trial lawyers who -- who have -- who are based upon... 


Rep. KENNEDY: ...a -- a trial by jury system, meaning you and your peers. 

MATTHEWS: Because they're really good guys, right? 

Rep. KENNEDY: You don't trust your peers, do you, Chris? 

MATTHEWS: You like trial lawyers.  No, I think -- I think there's probably too much litigation in the country and too many big settlements. 

Rep. KENNEDY: That is such -- what, have you been reading the Republican propaganda recently? 

MATTHEWS: OK, let's talk -- let's move on here.... 

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