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Overlawyered.com employs a weblog format: new commentary appears at the top of the page and then scrolls down, being stored after a week in the archives.  Be warned that many news links on the Web break within a few days, so that the archives contain many news links that no longer work.  We occasionally correct or otherwise change archived items, especially for purposes of updates (adding in what happened on appeal in a court case, for example).  

Since June 2003 Overlawyered.com has run on the Movable Type weblog publishing system, but before that date it operated in a homemade format.  As a result the site has two sets of archives, one beginning with our launch in July 1999 and extending through mid-June 2003, and the other consisting of more recent entries.  Recent archive pages can be reached from the front page; to reach the first four years' archives, start with this overview page.  Unfortunately, a complete search of the site requires two searches, this one for newer entries and this one for entries from 1999 to mid-2003.  

Movable Type creates automated topical pages on various frequently recurring subjects such as law and medicine, firearms lawsuits, class actions and so forth. Before our format switch, these were on homemade pages (examples: personal responsibility, schools, aviation).  The older version of topical pages also included a variety of outside links and other resources not always carried forward in the new.  To reach one of the "old" topical pages, try scrolling down to the bottom of the equivalent "new" topical page where a pointer will usually appear directing you to the old page.  

If you become a regular visitor, you'll probably want to sign up for our mailing list which has been sending a short piece of email every week or two describing what's new on the site.

Linking to us/citing us

To find a permanent link for any newer post, click on the time-of-day stamp that concludes the post ("Posted by Walter Olson at 10:05 a.m.")

  • Archived commentaries before July 2003 sometimes include a "DURABLE LINK" target button.  Others can be linked to or cited with precision once you find the right archive page because each such item is assigned a "target", which is what they call the little bit of text after "#" that sends you partway down a page to a specified passage.  For example, the first item that ran on January 11, 2001 is found in the 2001 series of archives, second January page, at the URL:
where "0111a" refers to January (01) 11, "a" normally referring to the top item that day.  Archived items from before 2001 follow a slightly different pattern, with the target formula YY/MM/DD (with an "a", "b", etc. when there were multiple items on a day).  Thus July 6, 1999 is: 
To be sure of the target before linking, view the relevant archives page with "View/Page Source" (Netscape) or "View/Source" (Internet Explorer). 
Graphics for linking

To obtain an Overlawyered.com logo to create a graphic link on your site, just use your right mouse button to click on and capture the image below.  Pick "Save Image As..." from the menu and save to your system.  The usual growlings apply about how you mustn't link to the stored image on our servers, whose URL is apt to change without notice anyway (webmasters know what this means, and no one else need care).  Sorry, no transparent version, alternative dimensions, etc. -- graphics-savvy volunteers are welcome to lend us a hand. 

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