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Michael Fumento
Michael Fumento's books include Science Under Siege and The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS.  A senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, he writes regularly for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reason and other publications. (home page)

"Gulf Lore Syndrome", Reason, March 1997.

"The Government's Legal Theft Racket", San Diego Union-Tribune, December 29, 1995.

"Disabilities Act Cripples Small Business", Washington Times, August 2, 1995.

"How the Media and Lawyers Stir Up False Illness", Chicago Tribune, January 19, 1996.

"A Confederacy of Boobs" (breast implant controversy), Reason, October 1995.

"Shock Journalism: The Junk Reporting Behind the Power Line-Cancer Connection", Reason, January 1995. 


Peter Huber, Forbes
A lawyer, writer, and partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd & Evans, Peter Huber is one of the nation's best-known experts on telecommunications and antitrust.  His books include Liability: The Legal Revolution and Its Consequences (Basic Books, 1988) and Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom (Basic Books, 1991).  A regular columnist in Forbes, he is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. (home page)

"Easy Lawsuits Make Bad Medicine", Forbes, April 21, 1997.

"Rx: Radical Lawyerectomy" (save Medicare by amputating litigators), Forbes, January 27, 1997.

"Fleeing Alabama", Forbes, July 15, 1996.

"Liability Lies", Forbes, March 13, 1995.

"Health, Death, and Economics" (smokers' longevity and the public purse), Forbes, May 10, 1993.

"A Woman's Right to Choose" (feminists and breast implant controversy), Forbes, February 17, 1992. 

"Junk Science in the Courtroom", Forbes, July 8, 1991. 

"The Lawyers Versus the Homeless", Forbes, July 9, 1990.

"Malpractice Law -- A Defective Product", Forbes, April 16, 1990.

"The Clinical Ecology Scam", Forbes, October 2, 1989.


Walter Olson, Reason
The editor of Overlawyered.com and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, Walter Olson is the author of The Litigation Explosion: What Happened When America Unleashed the Lawsuit (Dutton, 1991) and The Excuse Factory: How Employment Law Is Paralyzing the American Workplace (Free Press, 1997).  A frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal and other publications, he writes a monthly column in Reason. (home page)

"Firing Squad: In the gun litigation wars, who really speaks for federalism?", Reason, May 1999. 

"Kingdom of the One-Eyed: ADA advocates show a blind spot on safety", Reason, July 1998. 

"Say what?  Civil rights enforcers go after 'accent discrimination'", Reason, November 1997.

"Shut up, they explained: The speech police discover 'zero tolerance'", Reason, June 1997.

"Thanks for the memories: how lawyers get the testimony they want," Reason, June 1998. 

"Tripp wire: How informers ended up behind every office potted plant", Reason, April 1998.


Jonathan Rauch, National Journal:
A writer in residence at the Brookings Institution in Washington, Jonathan Rauch is a columnist for National Journal and the author of books including Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought (1993) and Demosclerosis: The Silent Killer of American Government (1994).

"Paranoid, with delusions of discrimination" (forensic psychiatry in workplace litigation), National Journal, July 24, 1999.

"Hey, kids! Don't read this!" (refusing to distinguish adolescents from toddlers not a good safety strategy), National Journal, July 10, 1999.

"A morning at the ministry of speech" (campaign finance regulation), National Journal, May 29, 1999.

"Earthquake in P.C.-Land" (speech code toppled at U. Wisc.), National Journal, March 6, 1999.

"Read this or I'll sue you", National Journal, February 6, 1999.

"Drop that ad, or we shoot" (campaign finance law), National Journal, October 24, 1998. 

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