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Loser-pays law, in Texas and elsewhere

Now posted: a recent Federalist Society podcast of a discussion that includes me, Texas attorney E. Lee Parsley, Texas lawprof Ronen Avraham, Judge Dennis Jacobs as moderator and Dean Reuter of the Federalist Society introducing. Running time is an hour and you can listen directly here. More from me on the new Texas law here.

Texas deadline suit-filing, cont’d

After we passed along a recent report that Beaumont, Texas lawyers had filed 59 lawsuits the day before the state’s new “loser-pays” package of litigation reforms was to take effect, Texas attorney Brooks Schuelke responded on Twitter as follows (re-formatted and edited for clarity), saying that the issue wasn’t the loser-pays provision, but a separate “responsible third party” provision that set a malpractice trap for lawyers that delayed: “The responsible third party provisions allowed a defendant to name a party, and then plaintiff could join them even if the statute of limitations had expired. The law was changed to remove the ability to sue regardless of the statute of limitations. But defendant can’t name a party not disclosed in discovery. The amendment means we have to file suit long before the statute of limitations expires to send discovery asking defendant to name who it might name. So many cases nearing the statute of limitations had to be filed before the effective date of the change or else they could be victim to the amendment.”

“Day before ‘Loser Pays’ launches, Beaumont lawyers file 59 lawsuits”

I’m on record as noting that the Texas bill labeled as “loser pays” doesn’t do nearly as much to revamp litigation incentives as its name implies, but if lawyers rushed to beat the deadlines on its provisions, they must be expecting it to make at least some difference. [Chamber-affiliated Southeast Texas Record]

More: Texas attorney Brooks Schuelke offers a different explanation for the last-minute rush.

August 4 roundup

May 31 roundup

Texas Public Policy Foundation: A case for loser-pays

Loser-pays, long the law in Alaska, is stirring significant interest in Texas these days. Ryan Brennan of TPPF makes a case for the reform [PDF] and discusses some of the choices involved in structuring it.

P.S. Tracking for S.B. 13 and H.B. 274. And more on pending Texas omnibus liability reform legislation from Texans for Lawsuit Reform and its Balance Texas Courts project.

March 30 roundup

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