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    Overlawyered.com commentary:

    "'Father files suit after son fails to make MVP award'" (hockey, New Brunswick), Nov. 8-10, 2002.

    "'Sorry, Slimbo, you're in my seats'", June 7, 2001 (& updates Dec. 15-16, 2001, Oct. 25-27, 2002); "Obese fliers", Dec. 20, 2000; "Welcome Toronto Star readers" (Jason Brooks column, disabled rights), Sept. 27-28, 2000. 

    Personal responsibility, 2002: "Skating first, instructions later" (Edmonton), Sept. 25-26; "'Woman freezes; sues city, cabbie'" (Winnipeg), Sept. 18-19; Personal responsibility roundup" (social host alcohol liability), Sept. 12; "Paroled prisoner: pay for not supervising me", Jan. 4-6.  2001: "Don't rock the Coke machine", July 20-22; "'Gambling addiction' class action" (Loto-Quebec), June 20 (& update May 20-21, 2002; "'Woman who drove drunk gets $300,000'" (Barrie, Ont.), Feb. 7-8; "By reader acclaim" (sues alleged crack dealers over own addiction), Jan. 11.  2000: "Not my fault, I" (woman who murdered daughter sues psychiatrists), May 17; "Blue-ribbon excuse syndromes" (Metis Indian defendant allowed to cite cultural oppression as defense to stabbing charge), Feb. 12-13. 

    "Cash demanded for drug users and panhandlers inconvenienced by film crews" (Vancouver), Aug. 23-25, 2002. 

    "Activist judges north of the border", May 31-Jun. 2, 2002 (& letter to the editor, Jun. 14). 

    "Flowers, perfume in airline cabins not OK?", May 17-19, 2002; "Scented hair gel, deodorant could mean jail time for Canadian youth", Apr. 24, 2000. 

    "'Unharmed woman awarded $104,000'" (Manitoba chemical exposure), May 6, 2002. 

    "'Targeting "big food"'" (Lemieux, National Post), Apr. 29-30, 2002. 

    "Pharmaceutical roundup" (silicone implants popular), Apr. 16-17, 2002. 

    "Web speech roundup" (flag logo on website), Mar. 25-26, 2002. 

    "Tribulations of the light prison sleeper", Mar. 25-26, 2002; "Prison litigation: 'Kittens and Rainbows Suites'" (cellmate's smoking violates rights), Jan. 11-13; "Paroled prisoner: pay for not supervising me", Jan. 4-6, 2002. 

    "Couldn't order 7-Up in French" (suing Air Canada for $525,000), Mar. 18, 2002; "Gotta regulate 'em all" (Quebec official upset that Pokémon cards not in French), Dec. 16, 1999. 

    "Stop, they said" (Manitoba: stop sign too vague?), Feb. 4-5, 2002. 

    "Planners tie up land for twenty years" (plus B.C. land use story), Jan. 18-20, 2002. 

    Family law, 2002: "'Avoiding court is best defence'" (Dave Brown), Jan. 14-15.  2001: "'Crying wolf'" (Christie Blatchford on sexual abuse charges), Oct. 30; "Why she's quitting law practice" (Karen Selick), Aug. 13-14; "Canadian court: divorce settlements never final", May 15; "'Victim is sued for support'", Feb. 9-11; "Solomon's child" (Donna LaFramboise), Jan. 26-28.  2000: "Pilloried, broke, alone" (LaFramboise on "deadbeat dads"), April 10.  1999: "Down repressed-memory lane: distracted when she signed" (Ont. judge voids separation agreement), Dec. 29-30. 

    "Front-row spectator sues 'reckless' exotic dancer" (B.C.), Jan. 7-8, 2002; "Embarrassing Lawsuit Hall of Fame" (injured by exotic dancer in Ottawa), Aug. 14, 2000; "'Toronto Torch' age-bias suit" (stripper in Brantford), May 23, 2000. 

    "Overlawyered schools roundup" (challenge to Ontario standards), Dec. 7-9, 2001. 

    "Columnist-fest" (asylum policies), Nov. 27, 2001; "Opponents of profiling, still in the driver's seat" (Air Canada), Nov. 2-4; "Security holes: to the North..." (anti-terrorism security), Sept. 14-16, 2001. 

    "'Hate speech' law invoked against anti-American diatribe", Oct. 17-18, 2001; "Most unsettling thing we've heard about Canada in a while" (hate speech laws), Dec. 17-19, 1999. 

    "'Hama to sue bridge owners over her daughter's fall'" (Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver), Oct. 8, 2001. 

    "Fear of losing welfare benefits deemed coercive" (N.S.), Oct. 3-4, 2001. 

    Zero tolerance, etc.: "John Leo on Overlawyered.com" (Halifax: snowball-like gestures banned), Aug. 15, 2001; "Fateful fiction" (Cornwall, Ont.), Jan. 30, 2001; "Hug protest in Halifax" (school's no-physical-contact policy), March 2, 2000; "Zero tolerance roundup" (Windsor: 11-year-old's fictional school essay), Dec. 27-28, 1999. 

    "Why she's quitting law practice" (Karen Selick), Aug. 13-14, 2001. 

    "Welcome Bourque.org readers", June 26, 2001. 

    "'Dead teen's family sues Take Our Kids To Work'", May 31, 2001. 

    "Holiday special" (misconduct by N.B. lawyer), May 28, 2001. 

    "'Insect lawyer ad creates buzz'" (Torys, Toronto), May 23, 2001; "'Not-a-Lawyer'" (Vancouverite's business card), Feb. 10-11, 2000. 

    "Columnist-fest" (Mark Steyn on Indian residential schools), May 1, 2001; "Bankrupting Canadian churches?", Aug. 23-24, 2000. 

    "Canada's secret legal aid", April 10, 2001. 

    "Putting the 'special' in special sauce" (alleged rat in Big Mac", March 29, 2001. 

    "Saves her friend's life, then sues her", Jan. 3, 2001. 

    "Canada reins in expert witnesses", Nov. 22-23, 2000. 

    "Malpractice outlays on rise in Canada", Oct. 2, 2000. 

    "'Mother sues over lack of ice time for goalie son'" (Quebec), Sept. 11, 2000. 

    "'Mugging victim "stupid", judge says'" (Winnipeg case), Aug. 2, 2000. 

    "'Skydivers don't sue'", May 26, 2000 (update July 6: Canadian diver prevails in suit against teammate). 

    "Cash for trash, and worse" ("Vancouver solution" for Microsoft?), June 26, 2000. 

    "Welcome Montreal Gazette readers" (columnist Doug Camilli cites this website), June 7, 2000; "Trop d'avocats.com" (we are recommended by the Gazette), Oct. 18, 1999. 

    "'More lawyers than we really need?'" (aftermath of Walkerton, Ont. E. Coli outbreak: columnist cites this website), June 2-4, 2000. 

    "Less suing = less suffering" (Saskatchewan no-fault auto study), April 24, 2000 (& update June 26). 

    "Swissair crash aftermath" (Peggy's Cove disaster in U.S. courts), March 14, 2000; "Montreal Gazette 'Lawsuit of the Year'" (bagpipers sue Swissair for lost income), Jan. 17, 2000. 

    "'Girl puts head under guillotine; sues when hurt'", March 8, 2000. 

    "Ontario judge okays hockey-fan lawsuit", Jan. 12, 2000; "Spreading to Canada?" (hockey fan sues Alexei Yashin), Oct. 20, 1999. 

    "Update: toilet of terror" (Canadian tourist visits Starbucks in NYC, sues), Dec. 8, 1999; "Starbucks toilet lawsuit", Dec. 1, 1999. 

    "Mounties vs. your dish" (satellite regulations), Nov. 1, 1999. 

    "Sensitivity in cow-naming", Oct. 21, 1999; "Weekend reading" (Bugs Bunny television complaint), Aug. 21-22, 1999. 

    "You may already not be a winner" (prisoner suit over sweepstakes entry), Aug. 23, 1999. 

    For a discussion of the loser-pays principle, which Canada has retained to a considerable extent in its courts, see our loser-pays page.

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