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College student’s fatal alcohol binge

Many defendants, including five of her friends as well as the inevitable bar, are to blame for not doing more to keep Amanda Jax from downing so much alcohol that night, according to the lawsuit by her family. (“Alcohol death: five times limit”, Mankato (Minn.) Free Press, Nov. 9; Dan Nienaber, “Lawyer: Civil suit coming in drinking death”, Mankato Free Press, Dec. 28; “The defendants and their alleged actions that night”, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Feb. 28; Scarlet Raven, Feb. 29).

Student: dorm’s ferret ban violates ADA

At Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, 19-year-old freshman Sarah Sevick has filed a complaint with the U.S. Justice Department saying her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act were violated by the dorm’s ban on her pet ferret, which she says she needs at hand to calm her during panic attacks related to a physical disability. (“Disabilities complaint filed after ferret banned from dorm”, AP/Houston Chronicle, Oct. 14). For more on claims to accommodation of companion animals under disabled-rights law, see May 5, etc.