“The always fascinating” — Dave Barry

“Peerless scrutiny of legal insanity” — Andrew Sullivan

“Entertaining and often startling” — Jonathan Rauch, National Journal

“KF role model Walter Olson” — Mickey Kaus

“Reports brightly on the amazing excesses of the litigious society” — John Leo, U.S. News

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“If you have any extra time, take a look at to see just what our legal system is capable of…” —

“Always indispensable” — Michelle Malkin

“Written in nonlegal terms …you’ll be able to dive right in” — Cay Dickson, Houston Chronicle

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“Indispensable” — Vince Carroll, Denver Post, formerly Rocky Mountain News

“Excellent” — Volokh Conspiracy

“Absolutely invaluable (and infuriating)…. the definitive source for daily updates on the struggle against legal insanity.” — Catherine Crier, legal journalist and former judge

“I recommend to the strong of heart a visit to, a website that will at once amuse, bemuse, and horrify.” — “Jack Dunphy”, National Review Online

“Rarely do I see eye-to-eye with authors Walter Olson and Ted Frank, but darned if they don’t write one interesting blog.” — Robert J. Ambrogi, author, The Essential Guide to the Best (and Worst) Legal Sites on the Web

“Odes to odious lawyering… chronicles how attorneys clog the drain of American life” — Yahoo Internet Life, “Ask the Surf Guru”

“Brimming with examples… [of] the creeping kudzu of American jurisprudence” — Susan Taylor Martin, St. Petersburg Times

“Amusingly depressing” — Stuart Taylor, Jr., National Journal

“One of my frequent stops” online — Neal Boortz

“Legendary Blawger Walter Olson” — Mark Thompson, League of Ordinary Gentlemen

“Uber-sharp” — Joe Weisenthal, Business Insider

“Your darkest visions of out-of-control litigiousness will be confirmed” — John Murrell, San Jose Mercury-News

“Often hilarious, infuriating, and sad at the same time” — John Steele Gordon, Commentary, formerly American Heritage

“One of my favourite Web sites” — Jason Brooks, Toronto Star

“Terrific” — Dale Carpenter, U. of Minnesota Law School, Volokh Conspiracy

“Très documenté” — Le Monde

“The best lawyer bashing site in the world” — (Australia)

“50 best business blogs” — The Times (U.K.)