Argue & Phibbs, solicitors

Once a long-established law firm in Ireland with a name famed around the world, Argue & Phibbs has since been incorporated into the Sligo law firm of McTernan MacGowan. See also Sligo Town; plaque photo by Niall McAuley on Flickr.

[Back story: this is adapted from an item I intended to post on Overlawyered in 2004 (!) and just now stumbled across while going over old post drafts.]

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  • Kind of like the case of the Illinois high school basketball player who was dismissed because of underage drinking: He goes to a doctor, then the family sued the Illinois state high school athletic association and the school under the Americans with Disabilities Act claiming the student was an alcoholic….wonder how that turned out…
    If there was a wish, I wish you could have gone one more month to bring out stories, like your post, that have been funny, strange, even legal(!) that haven’t seen the light of day, as you are cleaning out.

    Again, thanks for the 20-year long ride!