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Thanks to Dan Lewis

Our second guestblogger of the summer has completed his week-long stint, his postings appreciated especially because (in true law-student fashion) he came under the gun from some last-minute obligations that cut into his ability to spend time online. For more of his writing, visit his sites at (sports) and Look for more guestbloggers in coming weeks, and remember that it’s still not too late to volunteer (preference given to those whose work we already know).

Who am I? And What am I Doing Here?

Hi, I’m Dan Lewis. Pleased to meet you. You may have met me before — I run, home of the strange eBay auction archive. And I’m a sportsblogger — yes, we exist! — over at my personal site, DLewis.Net. (Yes, .com was taken.)

But why am I here? Glad you asked. Sure, I can, and will, sprinkle some sports posts here. But get this — I’m a first-year law student. That’s right, I’m being trained to come up with “creative legal theories,” not dissimilar from those that have graced OverLawyered for four years strong. It’s my pleasure to be with you for the rest of the week.

Another guest blogger tomorrow; a neglected anniversary

Our experiments with guest-blogging resume tomorrow (Tuesday). This time our editor is not going on vacation; there’ll just be two of us posting instead of one. Come back tomorrow when we unveil the identity of the mysterious stranger.

What with our vacation over the July 4 holiday, we neglected to make note of another milestone for, namely our fourth anniversary (we launched on July 1, 1999). We’ve had millions of visitors over those four years, with traffic currently running at around 3000 visitors and 8000 pages-served per weekday (with a big fall-off on weekends). Those curious about how this stacks up against other sites’ popularity may consult N.Z. Bear’s weblog traffic rankings, which cover only those sites using SiteMeter counters (we are not among them). The site’s redesign a month ago does not seem to have affected our traffic volume one way or the other.

Ted Frank, guest blogger

Greetings. My name is Ted Frank, and I’m honored to be your guest blogger for the week. I’m a former clerk for Judge Easterbrook and am currently practicing law as counsel in a Washington, D.C., firm, often on behalf of clients who are dealing with the types of lawsuits that Walter Olson has catalogued here for years.

Speaking of Judge Easterbrook, here is his opinion in McMahon v. Bunn-O-Matic, a classic variant of the plaintiff-who-spills-hot-coffee case.

Guest blogger through July 8

I’ll be on vacation for the next week. If all goes as planned, a guest blogger should be stepping in momentarily to fill the gap. An outstanding group of volunteers offered their services, and you should be seeing some of their names as guest bloggers over the coming months. See you next Wednesday.

Guest blogger opening(s)

Among the advantages of our new Movable Type system is to make it relatively easy to bring in co-conspirators and guest bloggers to add signed content of their own on a temporary or continuing basis. For examples of how this can work as an ongoing matter, see The Volokh Conspiracy (currently 13 members), Asymmetrical Information (a Movable Type two-member blog) and Max Power (four contributors).

Of more immediate interest, this feature allows for short-term guest blogging perfect for times when, for example, our regular editor heads off on vacation (as is about to happen momentarily). Would you make a good guest host(s) during his absence? Realistically, we’re most likely to experiment along these lines with volunteers who 1) are already personally known to our editor; 2) have already written about or worked on the kinds of issues we cover; and 3) have some rudimentary familiarity with blogging. (Maybe two of the three…) If this sounds fun to you, email editor – [at] – [our domain name].