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“Video games back in US dock”

“Claims by teenage boys in Tennessee that they were acting out the Grand Theft Auto game when they shot at vehicles are threatening to put the US entertainment industry back on trial.” (Rachel Clarke, BBC, Sept. 15; “Game blamed for murder, $100 million lawsuit likely”, (UK), Sept. 26). Jeff Taylor at Reason Online has the full story (“You Do Know Jack”, Sept. 10) on Miami attorney Jack Thompson, impresario of this and other litigation against videogame makers (see Apr. 3-4, 2002). Thompson is the author of a fondly remembered letter to this site (“go to Afghanistan where your anarchist, pro-drug views will be greatly rewarded” — Apr. 11, 2002) and his website must be seen to be believed.

More: Will Baude points to a relevant opinion by Judge Richard Posner in American Amusement Machine Association v. Teri Kendrick, and Curmudgeonly Clerk also comments.