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“Millionaire’s mistress battles his kin over estate”

Family disputes between a wife and the mistress over a will are probably one of the few times when the “not about the money” saying really is true. But after a two-week trial and two trips to the Georgia Supreme Court, it’s hard to imagine that attorneys aren’t going to get the majority of the $6 million at stake in the five-year battle over Harvey Strother’s will. A penalty clause calling for the disinheritance of anyone who challenged the will appears to have been successfully challenged by the wife’s family. (AP/Washington Post, Apr. 13; Talia Mollett, “Millionaire’s will trial begins today”, Marietta Daily Journal, Jul. 15; Tom Opdyke, “Life’s final chapter to play out in court”, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jul. 13; Melican v. Parker, 283 Ga. 253 (2008)).

Howard Hughes “Mormon Will” case, thirty years later

Thirty years after a jury ruled against his claims to be the inheritor of a fractional share of the reclusive tycoon’s wealth, Melvin Dummar still hasn’t given up. In a 19-page opinion, the Tenth Circuit has now upheld the dismissal of his latest lawsuit. (Pamela Manson, “10th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Melvin Dummar and the ‘Mormon Will'”, Salt Lake Tribune, Sept. 13)(via Know Your Courts, Tenth Circuit/Colorado gadfly site).

September 4 roundup