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“Spanish bosses must reveal ‘sleeping partners'”

This time it’s securities regulation, rather than sexual harassment law, that’s at odds with privacy: “In an attempt to crack down on insider trading, the directors of companies quoted on Spain’s stock exchange will have to come clean, on a twice-yearly basis, about anyone with whom they are having an ‘affectionate relationship’. … Company directors must also provide information about their wives or husbands and family, but it is the idea of a ‘lovers’ register’ — in which bosses could have to admit to having affairs or out themselves as gay — which has sparked reactions ranging from disbelief to fury among businessmen.” (Tony Jefferies, The Scotsman, May 12; Giles Tremlett, “Bosses told: list assets — including lovers”, The Guardian (UK), May 11; Amaya Iribar, “When love is a conflict of interest”, El Pais/INA Daily, May 16).

Nuestros hermanos

For flowers or other expressions of support to the people of Spain, the address is:

His Excellency Inocencio Aris
Spanish Embassy
2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037
Phone (202) 452-0100

For a list of Spanish consulates around the United States, click here. (via Dean Esmay, among others). Update: Glenn Reynolds has photos and eyewitness accounts of demonstrations of support for Spain in Washington, D.C. (more net reaction)