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Wrapped and gift-ready

I’ve noticed that many readers buy copies of The Rule of Lawyers (and my earlier books) to give as presents to family members, friends, soon-to-be-graduates, doctors and so forth. Order for the holidays through Amazon at this link and you can choose from services such as gift wrapping and express delivery. You’ll also be supporting this site, which gets a commission on sales through our Amazon store. The store link also works (as do the commissions for us) if you’re shopping for items such as DVDs, toys, music and so forth.

Welcome KION-AM Salinas listeners

I was a guest on Mark Carbonaro’s a.m. show this morning on KION-AM in Salinas, Calif. to discuss The Rule of Lawyers. To book a broadcast interview on the book, email me directly or contact Jamie Stockton at the St. Martin’s/Griffin publicity department: 212-674-5151, ext. 502.

Some other recently noted publicity on The Rule of Lawyers: reviewer Art Taylor of Metro Magazine in North Carolina’s Research Triangle named it as one of the top ten nonfiction books of 2003 (Jan.). Writing in Salt Lake City’s Deseret News, Hal Heaton of the Brigham Young University Center for Entrepreneurship devoted much of a column to discussing the book’s contents (“Litigation hinders new ideas, growth”, Jul. 11, not online). And Maurice Neligan, a distinguished cardiac surgeon in Ireland, recommends the book as “most revealing” in a piece published in Irish Times (“Common sense, fat chance”, May 11, not online).

Vermont and Alberta radio

On Monday I was again a guest on Laurie Morrow’s True North Radio show reaching listeners around Vermont and nearby states. And yesterday I was a guest on QR77 in Calgary, Alberta, on the afternoons with Dave Taylor, with guest host Rob Breakenridge substituting for Taylor. To book a broadcast interview on my book The Rule of Lawyers, email me directly or contact Jamie Stockton at the St. Martin’s/Griffin publicity department: 212-674-5151, ext. 502.

Bay Area radio appearances

I’ll be a guest Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. PDT on Napa, Calif.’s KVON radio 1440 AM. And then on Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. PDT I’ll be joining host Lee Rodgers on his popular show on KSFO 560 AM. In both cases I’ll be discussing my book The Rule of Lawyers, which came out in paperback earlier this month (more). To book a broadcast interview on the book, email me directly or contact Jamie Stockton at the St. Martin’s/Griffin publicity department: 212-674-5151, ext. 502. (bumped 6/28)

The Rule of Lawyers on radio

I’m scheduled to be a guest tomorrow morning (Tues.) at 8 a.m. EDT on Jim Blasingame’s “Small Business Advocate” nationwide radio show (more), and then at 10 a.m. EDT on Cincinnati’s WLW. And then on Wednesday from 11 to 12 a.m. EDT I’ll be the guest of Laurie Morrow on Vermont’s “True North Radio“. In each case I’ll be discussing my book “The Rule of Lawyers”, just out in paperback from St. Martin’s/Griffin (more).

If you’re a booker for a broadcast show or other news outlet, you’re aware that it’s at times like this, with books just reaching the stores, that authors and publishers are most eager to cooperate. To ask about appearances, contact Jamie Stockton at the St. Martin’s publicity department: 212-674-5151, ext. 502, or email me directly.

While we’re at it, you just know that The Rule of Lawyers would make an ideal Father’s Day gift, and Amazon (although its stocks are low) offers special shipping guaranteed to arrive by the weekend. It’s also available from Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and (hardcover) Laissez Faire Books.

Rule of Lawyers thanks

Thanks to David Bernstein (Volokh Conspiracy, Jun. 2) for his kind words recommending that people buy my book The Rule of Lawyers, newly out in paperback. Also to Key Monk, who calls it “another good read” (Jun. 1). Reviews of the book, from numerous perspectives, can be found here. Also, we’ve noticed a few more reviews of the book online in addition to those previously noted: Richard R. Forsten, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, In Re: (Delaware State Bar Association), Oct. 2003; “Keeping Up With New Legal Titles”, review by Harvey K. Morrell, 95 Law Library Journal (2003), (PDF)(scroll to p. 588)(“In clear, lucid prose Olson keeps the reader enthralled as he recounts his tales of horror”), and George Leef, “The Learning Curve #145 — Rule of Lawyers: A Feeding Frenzy of National Proportions”, Carolina Journal, May 24, 2004 (“sardonic wit. …a well-researched and deliciously written expose of a serious national problem.”) Evan Schaeffer (Jun. 5) already has sent off for his copy, Paul of Right Side of the Rainbow (Jun. 6) plans to do the same, and you should too (revised and bumped 6/7).

Publication day

Today is official publication day for the paperback edition of my book The Rule of Lawyers: How the New Litigation Elite Threatens America’s Rule of Law, which came out in hardcover last year. (Amazon is still listing it as forthcoming, but I’ve seen advance copies and shipments should be arriving at stores.) If you’ve only read the hardcover version, you’re missing the newly written Afterword in which I talk about the fast-food litigation, Texas’s comprehensive lawsuit reform, and many other recent topics. C’mon, order your copy today — or better yet, a bunch of copies to distribute to readers who need to catch up on this topic.

Occasions of authorial pride

The new softcover edition of The Rule of Lawyers, promoted in this space only a few days ago, arrived this afternoon from the printers. Yes, it looks nice. The front inside pages reprint eight excerpts from favorable reviews the book received last year in its hardcover edition, including the following from Gene Epstein at Barron’s: “With a marvelous combination of irony, insight, and outrage, Olson covers the whole range of opportunistic litigation over tobacco, asbestos, breast-implants, autos, and guns. And yes, he knows that tobacco and asbestos can kill people, and that corporations aren’t angels. Olson even proposes sensible ways of reforming the jury system that might actually make a difference.” The hardcover edition continues to be available here.

The Rule of Lawyers: the softcover edition

If you enjoy this website, and especially if you want to learn more about the “big” lawsuit campaigns that generate fortunes for lawyers and tag industries with billions in liability, you would probably enjoy my book The Rule of Lawyers, which got a fair bit of attention when it was published last year. Now St. Martin’s, the publisher, has come out with a new softcover edition, just now posted on Amazon at an attractively priced $10.47. It includes a newly written epilogue in which I discuss major developments of the last year such as the fast-food litigation, the enactment of comprehensive tort reform in Texas, and the surprise move by the ABA to support reform of asbestos and class-action litigation, as well as the latest twists in gun, tobacco, fen-phen and lead paint courtroom battles, among others.

The hardcover edition of The Rule of Lawyers continues to be available here and seems to be a popular gift for Father’s Day and for new graduates, law school or otherwise. The Manhattan Institute maintains a site that compiles publicity about the book, related op-eds, etc. As for the spanking new softcover, the publisher tells me that the first copies will be in hand today, and that it will ship later this month. Its back cover is graced with an excerpt from Robert Lenzner’s rave review of the book for, in which he calls it: “A truly gripping read about tort lawyers … a brilliant expose of the way courts are being overwhelmed by mass tort actions.” (& thanks to David Giacalone for (end of item) his kind words).