Crime and punishment roundup

  • Quebec waiter arrested after seafood puts allergic customer in coma [CBC]
  • Two Black Lives Matter groupings have issued agendas, one zany leftism, the other directed at nuts-and-bolts criminal justice system reform. Media: “Door 1, please.” [Ed Krayewski]
  • Conservative lawprof Mike Rappaport on DEA’s “absurd,” “ridiculous” refusal to take marijuana off Schedule I [Law and Liberty] Recommended: Scott Greenfield and David Meyer-Lindenberg interview Julie Stewart of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, Cato Institute alum [Fault Lines]
  • “Criminal defense bar sides with business lobby in False Claims Act case” [Alison Frankel, Reuters on State Farm case before Supreme Court]
  • 6th Circuit: amendments to Michigan sex offender registry law impose retroactive, hence unconstitutional, punishment [Jonathan Adler, Scott Greenfield]
  • “Criminalizing Entrepreneurs: The regulatory state is also a prison state” [F.H. Buckley, American Conservative]


  • RE: Waiter arrested.

    I’ve often wondered why restaurants bother to serve anyone with food allergies at all. Like, people who say “wow, I have SUCH a bad allergy to (ingredient), if there’s ANY of this in the meal I will get TOTALLY SICK, can you assure me that there is not ANY AT ALL (ingredient) in the food?”

    And then they complain when they can’t get their absolute guarantee.

    Pretty soon food allergies will become another protected disability class, and as a result food served in restaurants will have to eschew egg, wheat, pepper, salt, nuts, seeds, and so on.

    And then people will complain about how food tastes bland and mushy and generic and is stuffed full of artificial chemical flavoring.

    • I read that first line as “RE: Walter arrested” and was quite alarmed for a moment.

      • Perhaps it’s time for a visit to the eye doctor.