Canada lawsuit: cheese-rolling competition injured child spectator

“According to cheese-rolling historians, humans may have been chasing wheels of cheese down steep slopes since pagan times. Written accounts of cheese-rolling date back nearly 200 years.” But now lawyers are catching up with the hazardous pastime. The original Gloucester cheese-rolling festival in England was officially canceled in 2010 — an unofficial version continues — and now in British Columbia, Canada, a suit claims compensation for a child spectator said to have been knocked to the ground by the impact of a rolling cheese on the other side of a safety net. [CBC]


  • A problem for more than a century!


  • Clearly the problem is the existence of cheese itself. If they were rolling nerf wheels around instead of cheese, there would not be any tragic stories about children maimed by cheese.

    The root cause of this tragedy is cheese. Cheese must go. For the children.

  • Really? What should they have done, put up a concrete barrier? I could understand if this was a three or four year old child, getting away from their “guardian” but a one year old? How about the “guardian” assuming some risk for taking the child to the event? This reminds me of the woman at the Major League Baseball game earlier this year. She’s sitting on the wall behind home plate, with her back to the game and a foul ball hits the safety net and then the back of her head.

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