“Russian roulette” in nursing home placements

State authorities in New York, New Jersey, and California direct nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients, even if they’ve otherwise managed to keep the virus out. Connecticut and Massachusetts instead designate some facilities as being for patients with the novel virus. At least one group of states, it would seem, is making a mistake [Kim Barker and Amy Julia Harris, New York Times; Bernadette Hogan and Bruce Golding, New York Post]


  • This shows a fundamental lack of understanding of what a quarantine is.

  • A “quarantine” is what ever they want it to be. I was looking through the State code. It gives quarantine powers to our Governor. It defines what a quarantine is. What we have isn’t one.

  • You know, a thing everyone seems to have missed during this era of lockdowns–what about state administrative procedures acts?

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