“Why Can’t We Get Rid of Bad Teachers?”

Los Angeles: “As LAUSD agrees to pay out 30 million dollars to the families victimized by the Miramonte Elementary School teacher molestation scandal, FOX 11 investigates why school districts seem to have such a difficult time firing teachers who’ve committed lewd acts.” Even the teacher charged with committing mass sex crimes in the Miramonte case managed to get a $40,000 payout from his district to quit. The powerful California Teachers Association (CTA) managed to scuttle a modest bill by Sen. Alex Padilla to streamline dismissals in extreme cases. Instead, it’s backing an alternative measure that reformer and former Sen. Gloria Romero describes as a joke that “wouldn’t really do anything.” [KTTV; CTA’s side]


  • Which pretty much puts paid to the theory that the CTA is interested in “the children”.

  • First, let’s get rid of the bad politicians. Than all else follows. However, the converse is also true. Which answers the headline question.

  • What was the physical evidence in this case?

    Even more disturbing than the $40,000 they had to pay the defendant, is the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that will go to students of this school.

  • This case sure looks like the many “moral panic” cases set off by prosecutors with perverted imaginations and time on their hands.

    Sport Radio hosts claimed that Jerry Sandusky was using Penn State showers as rape rooms; Joe Paterno knew that; and Joe Paterno did nothing to stop it.

    Joe Paterno’s knowledge was pegged to a report by a graduate student Mike McQueary. We now know that McQueary did not tell his father, Dr Dranov, Joe Paterno, or anybody else of any sexual acts. An anal rape charge was just made up. JUST MADE UP!

    Robert suggest that fantasy was rampant in the subject case. It would not surprise me.

  • I didn’t see any news reports of physical evidence in this case; and there was no physical evidence in the Sandusky case. (Plus the victims had every incentive to lie. Their anonymity is protected, ant they each got a big payout!)

    However Penn State’s payout was with private money. LA School District’s payouts are with MY money, as I am one of the unfortunate people who pays income and property tax in California. (And more now, because of Proposition 30.)

  • So, if McQueary the son didn’t tell anyone up the chain of command — and there was no physical evidence — how come he (McQueary the son/ex QB) isn’t being hauled over the coals like the ex-president and ex–AD….come to think of it why not the Board of Trustees, including the now-current governor of PA?

  • Melvin H. make a great point!

    I believe that justice requires public hangings of those who set off community madness. But law does not provide for that. That is why Titus Oates, who set off hysteria in England around 1680, only got jail time, beatings, and pillory. His punishments come up when the meaning of cruel and unusual is discussed. Titus Oates constructed a conspiracy theory based on Catholics planing to assassinate the King. 22 people were tried, convicted and executed.

    The Titus Oates hoax and the Salem Witchcraft trial, where 19 people were hanged and one crushed to death, illustrate a fundamental weakness with Western Litigation. People just are unable to test their beliefs. They do not have the habit of asking themselves “Does this make sense?” I have an explanation for this phenomenon but it is too far removed from the subject at hand.

    I cut McQueary some slack because he and the accusers were put under tremendous pressure by the out of control prosecutors. Of note is that no boy, except for Aaron Fisher, told on Jerry while they were in the Second Mile Program or, more importantly, after they aged out of the Second Mile Progra. To say that all but one would let Jerry molest more boys is preposterous.