Enjoying the genre of #LifeUnderDeBlasio satire tweets from New Yorkers, such as: “I remember when the screens in the back of taxis showed light entertainment, not statistics about iron production.” [@tomgara] “I thought de Blasio gave a good speech but am just not sure how the Five Year Plan for the Park Slope roof gardens will turn out.” [@stuartpstevens] And the one about considering teachers’ union head Randi Weingarten as schools chief.

Wait a minute. That one’s real!


  • Methinks you give a bit too much credence to anonymous sources by calling it “real.”

    Also, it’s the NY Post.

  • It would be like putting the fox in the hen house. Hopefully it is only a rumor.

  • “Squeegee men demand time-and-a-half for working over 40 hours” [@AnthonyBialy] “The Mets will play in Che Stadium.” [@ReformedBroker] http://dailycaller.com/2013/11/06/what-will-de-blasios-new-york-look-like-twitter-ponders/

  • As a Texan, I hope New York City secedes and joins Cuba, which seems to be the new mayor’s role model. Elections have consequences.