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Publicity roundup; Joseph Goulden, “The Money Lawyers”

In the Washington Post, Brandt Goldstein gives me a mention in the course of reviewing The Money Lawyers, the new book by Joseph Goulden profiling some of the country’s most powerful attorneys (“Legal vultures”, Washington Post, Jan. 18). I gave this book a blurb, which can be seen on its back jacket (“Eye-opening and timely. Goulden gives us a close look at some of the nation’s most powerful lawyers. Both friends and foes will learn a great deal.”)

On Dec. 18 the Chicago Sun-Times took note of Ted’s entry about the cautionary wording on a Milky Way chocolate bar, “Warning: contains milk”. (Zay N. Smith, “An intelligent look at who knew what”, Chicago Sun-Times, not online). I’m quoted in an editorial (I think that’s what it is) on punitive damages in the Fredericksburg, Va. paper (“Punitive-damage reform takes a big step in the General Assembly”, Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, Jan. 20). Aileen Cho of the Engineering News Record quoted me in an article on a New York jury’s ruling that the city’s Port Authority was largely responsible for the 1993 WTC bombing (“Jury Says Agency Liable in Bombing”, Nov. 7, not online). And in the ABA Journal eReport, G.M. Filisko quotes me airing some of my differences with AEI’s Alex Tabarrok concerning the workings of the lawyer’s contingency fee (“Fee Caps Won’t Solve Liability Crisis, Study Says”, Sept. 23).

Reader request: an Overlawyered logo

Here’s a request for some graphically adept reader out there: a media organization which would be potentially helpful in sending traffic our way has asked for an Overlawyered site logo (to display on their page) which should measure 130 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and in fact shouldn’t be, but the challenge, I think, will lie in adapting a 12-letter word into a logo taller than it is wide. Lacking either a flair for this sort of thing or a decent graphics program, I’m not sure how to proceed — but maybe some reader out there can help.

Follow-up: Readers came through with many excellent logos: see Jan. 29 and subsequent posts. Thanks!

Posting schedule

We apologize for the lack of postings: windstorms knocked out Walter’s broadband and electricity yesterday just as I was spending all day on a delayed flight from the Pacific time zone. But we’ll have posts later in the day.

Welcome Baltimore Sun readers

The newspaper of H.L. Mencken gave this site a nice recommendation Nov. 24 (not online) in its column about the Web, “The Monitor”:

What’s the point? — This site explores the ever-increasing litigiousness of society by reviewing law blogs (aka “blawgs”), and linking to and discussing articles and papers on cases, laws and so on.

What to look for — Check out posts on such recent cases as a man who says he got glued to a toilet seat in the bathroom of a Home Depot and last week’s accusations that Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee is too hot.

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