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Miscellaneous personal tech note

I’ve finally replaced my aging PC with an iMac and am in the midst of the transition now — apologies for some email delays that have resulted. Mac’s native browser, Safari, doesn’t play well with Movable Type so I’m sticking with Firefox. I’m a complete newcomer to the iMac, so feel free to send useful tips about getting the most from it.

Investor Protection: A Review of Plaintiffs’ Attorney Abuses in Securities Litigation and Legislative Remedies

I’m testifying tomorrow morning before the Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises Subcommittee, the same hearing on H.R. 5491 Sam Munson covered at Point of Law.

Those interested in soundbites can see me on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” tomorrow at approximately 1:20 pm Eastern. I’ll link to testimony once it’s publicly available.

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Our experiment with BlogAds is enough of a success that at the moment we’ve actually got more ad submissions than we have space to fill them. Of course we don’t necessarily endorse the ideas, positions, products and services of our advertisers, but by checking out their sites you can compliment them on their good taste in choosing to advertise on Overlawyered.

Welcome Reader’s Digest readers

“There’s big money in blaming others for your own bad luck. Too bad it costs all of us.” Roundup of numerous baffling/colorful cases most of which will be familiar to readers of this site; yes, I helped, and yes, reporter Michael Crowley generously quotes me and cites this website (“That’s Outrageous: Lawsuit Lunacy”, Jul.).

More: in a sidebar, the Digest’s Dan O’Connor lists us among three sites it recommends that “can help you learn more and speak up”.

Open thread: design of this site

Should we put a search box in the upper right corner? Are trackbacks still of use to anyone? Is there some way to clean up the tangle of old archives resulting from our 2003 and 2005 switches to different archiving systems? Our fonts are optimized for Firefox; how can we make them look equally good in IE? Here’s the place to post any advice or observations on the site’s layout, design, graphics and internal structure — please save critiques of content for some other occasion.

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Greatest hits rotation

As we periodically do, we’ve rotated the listing of “Greatest Hits” past posts in the right-hand column. New this time: Slower Disney teacups, Honey, you’ve got mail, Class action collusion, Bad luck with yachts, U.S. News regrets, Pie menace averted, Forgot to mention it, and Drunk: cops shoulda stopped me. A listing of all favorite posts nominated so far is here. Feel free to nominate favorites of your own, too, in comments.

Latest newsletter

Isn’t it time you signed up to receive our free periodic newsletter? The latest installment went out to subscribers Friday afternoon, summarizing highlights of recent postings in terse yet wry style. To read the latest issue — or to join or leave the list, change your address, etc. — visit this page (requires Google registration).

“Abstinence education”: bait and switch?

The Bush Administration recently issued regulations that tighten the definition of what must be preached in federally funded “abstinence education” school programs. At Volokh Conspiracy, Dale Carpenter relays some thoughts I had about the process by which “abstinence” has turned out to mean “Biblical sex only”. Others picking up the story include Glenn Reynolds, Mark Kleiman, and Kevin Drum, while Three Years of Hell thinks the assumptions I find objectionable have been implicit in the program since it began (with the assent of Bill Clinton, of all people) in 1996. Planned Parenthood and ThinkProgress have more on the regulation changes.

P.S. Most important, of course, is Prof. Carpenter’s description of me as someone “who runs a terrific website about litigation abuse“.