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April 11 roundup

  • For best effect, read it aloud: “Do YOU appear in the form of water droplets? Are YOU found on grass and windows in the morning? If so you MAY be dew condensation.” [Andy Ryan]
  • “Bezos could get out of Trump’s kitchen by telling the editors and reporters at his newspaper to shut up about the President.” [John Samples]
  • Wave of ADA web-accessibility suits hit banks: “N.Y. lawyers sue 40-plus companies on behalf of blind man in a month” [Justin Stoltzfus, Legal NewsLine] More: Jonathan Berr, CBS MoneyWatch;
  • “Law schools should not continue hiring faculty with little to no practical experience, little to no record of scholarship, and little to no teaching experience. ” [Allen Mendenhall, Law and Liberty]
  • U.K.: “Couple claiming compensation for food poisoning exposed by holiday selfies” [Zoe Drewett, Metro]
  • Federal judge: “every indication” that prominent Philadelphia personal injury firm “essentially rented out its name in exchange for referral fees” [ABA Journal]

Back to the Age of Antitrust?

Tougher antitrust enforcement, going beyond the consumer welfare standard applied by many enforcers in recent decades, is part of Democratic leaders’ “Better Deal” policy package. A good idea? [Alan Reynolds first and second Cato posts, Alden Abbott/Truth on the Market] “It is difficult even to communicate how much Amazon has improved my life…. I love it. So of course, politicians now want to burn it down.” [CoyoteBlog, see also] And Joshua Wright has a Twitter thread refuting “hipster antitrust.”