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November 22 roundup

Lawyer’s suit: this breakfast’s no good

The complimentary breakfast provided with membership in the expensive Setai Club & Spa Wall Street used to be really good, according to injury attorney Richard Katz. Then they replaced it with just a cold buffet. The club said it offered Katz a prorated refund of his remaining membership after he complained, but he’s suing for $730,000, including a claim that he was defamed. [Gawker, Above the Law ]

By reader acclaim: Divorced man sues wedding photographer

“Although the marriage did not last, plaintiff’s fury over the quality of the photos and video continued on.” The photographer defendant thinks the demand for $48,000 to re-stage the wedding is a bit much, especially given that the former bride has thought to have returned to her native Latvia. [New York Times; Above the Law (groom’s father is partner in big law firm)]

“‘Social justice’ in contracts costs S.F. millions”

San Francisco’s public contracting requirements could drive both taxpayers and vendors batty: “[C]ity purchasing policies, if followed, would mean paying about $240 for getting a copy of a key that actually cost a worker $1.35 to get done at a hardware store on his break,” according to one whistleblowing employee. [SF Chronicle via Matt Welch]