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Patent Troll Tracker case: second blogger subpoenaed

Attorney Eric Albritton has been suing Rick Frenkel and his former employer, Cisco, over allegedly defamatory content on Frenkel’s much-missed Patent Troll Tracker blog. Now Albritton has also aimed broad legal demands at a second IP-law blogger, Dennis Crouch of the well-known Patently-O, demanding not only the unveiling of anonymous commenters at that blog but even the handing over of private notes that readers have written to Crouch. (Patently-O, Aug. 24 via Elefant).

Watch What You Say About Lawyers Dept.: Troll Tracker blog sued out of existence

The Troll Tracker blog is down shortly after (or before?) a lawsuit filed by a plaintiffs’ attorney and son of federal judge T. John Ward, Jr. sued the blogger and his employer, Cisco, over a post critical of Ward and attorney Eric Albritton. [Prior Art blog via ATL] I couldn’t find the complaint on-line, but I’ll track it down over the weekend. Earlier: Feb. 26; earlier in the series.