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June 12 roundup

  • As I type this post, I’m listening to Andrew Frey argue Conrad Black’s appeal before Judge Posner and the Seventh Circuit. Posner seems to be confused over whether incorrect jury instructions can be prejudicial in a general verdict. [Bashman roundup; earlier]
  • “For years families bogged down in Harris County [Texas] probate courts have accused judges of bleeding estates of tens of thousands of dollars to pay high-priced lawyers for unnecessary work.” [Houston Chronicle; Alpert v. Riley (Tex. App. Jun. 5, 2008) (via)]
  • Company sets policy. Employee violates policy. Is corporation criminally responsible for employee’s act? [POL; FCPA blog; Podgor]
  • Merrill Lynch banker asks for investigation of Enron Task Force withholding of exculpatory evidence [Bloomberg]
  • When calculating the costs of medical malpractice suits, let’s not forget the noneconomic costs. “In the [John] Ritter case, the jury agreed with the defendant physicians and exonerated them of any liability. They were lucky. How lucky? They were able to spend four years with attorneys worrying about their future, including the potential that they would be ordered to pay tens of millions of dollars and be left penniless. So, they didn’t really win. They just lost less.” [EM News via Kevin MD via Dr. RW]
  • Nor should we forget the defensive medicine costs. [Kevin MD]
  • Legal reform = job creation. [American Courthouse]
  • According to Justinian Lane, if you’re reading this post, you’re a “spineless sycophant.” [Bizarro-Overlawyered]

“Jury clears doctors of negligence in Ritter’s death”

“A Glendale jury on Friday cleared an emergency room doctor of negligence and liability in John Ritter’s death, holding he did everything he could to save the comic actor. … Jurors, who voted 9 to 3 against liability for Lee and Lotysch, said they were torn between sympathy for Ritter’s wife and children and their conviction that the doctors were blameless.” (John Spano, Los Angeles Times, Mar. 15). Earlier here and here (noting that Ritter family had already obtained $14 million in settlements from other defendants).

February 5 roundup

Ritter family’s malpractice suit

The family of John Ritter has sued Burbank’s Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, charging failure to diagnose and treat the late comedian’s aortic dissection in timely fashion, and medblogger Galen reacts in a less than sympathetic manner (Sept. 9, strong language; “Ritter family files wrongful death lawsuit”, SignOnSanDiego, Sept. 9). KevinMD (Sept. 10), Sydney Smith (Sept. 10) and Chris Rangel (Sept. 11) also weigh in, and the latter adds thoughts about the hospital death of Bee Gees member Maurice Gibb.