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New at Point of Law

If you’re not keeping up with our sister site, you’re missing out on stories about how expert evidence standards help plaintiffs too (and more); animal rights more voguish at many law schools than those dull old humans; Ohio Supreme Court commended; implications of recent plunge in carpal tunnel cases; 93% enrollment in Vioxx settlement; attorney faces criminal charges after his clients quit their nursing jobs; extensive coverage of Gov. Spitzer’s downfall; more trouble for Florida lawyer accused of bribing defendant’s adjuster to obtain settlement target numbers; ballot measure would abolish employment at will in Colorado; judicial seminars by the securities class action bar; and much more.

October 16 round-up

  • “‘I’ve never felt so ill,’ says one reporter about the NY Times’s coverage of the Duke lacrosse-team case.” [New York Magazine]
  • Double-standards for judicial seminars. [Point of Law; Volokh]
  • 14-year-old British student arrested for not wanting to do class project with non-English speakers? [Volokh]
  • Our October 13 entry on the pros and cons of complusory licensing in copyright provoked one of our longest comment threads ever.
  • Will regulators shut down an aversive-stimuli special-education school? Should they? [Village Voice via Cowen]
  • Cheap crime deterrent: wearing pink. [Prettier than Napoleon] Meanwhile, professors debate shaming in general. [Markel on PrawfsBlawg and SSRN; Berman; Markel reply; Kerr on Volokh; Markel reply]
  • Trent Lott about to implement bad public policy out of spite. [RiskProf]
  • Greg Beck has good analysis of the Emerson v. NBC garbage disposal suit. Always glad to see Public Citizen support liability reform. [CL&P]
  • Is “erroneous removal” a problem? [Point of Law; TortsProf Blog]