It’s the tenth anniversary (plus four days) of the Daubert v. Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals opinion that limited in federal trials the use of expert testimony that is not scientifically reliable. Peter Nordberg’s Daubert on the Web is one of the more comprehensive sites on the web on any subject; he has started a blog that promises to be fascinating.

Along with recent Supreme Court jurisprudence on punitive damages in cases such as BMW v. Gore and the expansion of interlocutory review of class action certification, Daubert has been one of the few brakes on the expansion of tort liability in the last ten years. As my former Brandeis colleague and GMU Law professor David Bernstein points out, however, Daubert did not stop the use of junk science to extract billions from breast implant manufacturers, and now some of that money is being used to fund efforts to weaken Daubert.

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    Ted Frank is guestblogging on Overlawyered.com this week, and he has an interesting post on Daubert v. Merrill Dow Pharmaceuticals here….