“Wheelchair ramps in the high alpine zone”

At The New Criterion’s newly launched weblog Armavirumque, James Panero tells how the Americans with Disabilities Act led to the installation of a wheelchair ramp at Galehead Hut in northern New Hampshire, which is “perhaps the most inaccessible” of the Appalachian Mountain Club’s historic system of White Mountain huts and can be reached only by hiking over very rugged terrain (Jul. 7).

Also via Armavirumque (Jul. 8), Theodore Dalrymple on the premise behind fast-food lawsuits: “Left to his own devices, the denizen of hamburger restaurants would eat fresh carrots and brown rice, his natural choices. … This picture is of a world in which humanity as a whole is good, but is so innocent that it is diverted from the paths of righteousness by a few evilly disposed persons such as the directors of food companies. Were it not for them, we should all be thin as rakes and fit as fleas.” (“The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It”, National Post (Canada), Jul. 5).

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